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A blog from Medium about the fight against anti-Black racism.
Image by eezy from Pixabay

Well-dressed Black activists were not trying to impress White people

People at the 1963 Civil Rights March in Washington, D.C. Photo: Warren K. Leffler via the Library of Congress

Black Lives Matter

White supremacists infiltrated law enforcement. Now what?

Photo Credit | Amanda Lucier / for NBC News

Let’s Unpack This

When cops donate money to anti-Black murderers, the system is clearly broken

Protesters gather in Kenosha, Wisconsin, in August 2020 after Kyle Rittenhouse shot other protesters. Rittenhouse was arrested for murder, but many police support him. Image: Brandon Bell/Getty Images

It’s not often we see police officials disagreeing publicly regarding the actions of a…

Stop thanking me for being polite when I’m angry about injustice —focus on the injustice instead

Convicted ex-cop Derek Chauvin seemed genuinely stunned to learn he actually will be held responsible for the murder of a Black man

Protesters hold their fists in the air at a rally in downtown Minneapolis near the courthouse calling for justice for George Floyd after closing arguments in the Chauvin trial on April 19, 2021. Photo: Getty Images

Click or bang. Black people never know how their encounter with the police will end.

U.S. Army Lt. Caron Nazario. Photo: Winsor Police

Derek Chauvin was found guilty on three counts and the nation is stunned

Rev. Al Sharpton says a prayer as he is joined by the family of George Floyd outside the Hennepin County Government Center on April 19, 2021, in Minneapolis. Photo: Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

Chicago police killed 13-year-old Adam Toledo, and some media responded by questioning Toledo’s character. Black and Brown kids deserve better.

Adam Toledo, 13, was killed by Chicago police. This group marches for his justice. Photo: Getty Images

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