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Don’t Say “Race”: What the Anti-Critical Race Theory Mob Really Want

The truth about CRT and the ABCs.

Ted Cruz, Republican U.S. senator from Texas and CRT foe (Photo: flickr)

If you’re anything like me — or like most human beings — the perfect comeback almost always seems to arrive hours or days or even weeks too late. Someone catches you off guard with an unfathomable zinger, and although you have the perfect retort tucked away somewhere in the recesses of your…




Momentum is a blog that captures and reflects the moment we find ourselves in, one where rampant anti-Black racism is leading to violence, trauma, protest, reflection, sorrow, and more. Momentum doesn’t look away when the news cycle shifts.

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Jeremy Helligar

Jeremy Helligar

Brother Son Husband Friend Loner Minimalist World Traveler. Author of “Is It True What They Say About Black Men?” and “Storms in Africa”

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