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How A Creole Man Became the Test Case For Racial Segregation

Remembering Homère Plessy's bravery in challenging the color barrier

New Orleans Mural | Homère Plessy (right) and P.B.S. Pinchback, first Black governor (left) | New York Times

Are you Black, White, or Creole? Those are the questions you might still hear if you come to New Orleans, the city Homère Plessy called home in the mid-1800s. Throughout history, mixed-race…




Momentum is a blog that captures and reflects the moment we find ourselves in, one where rampant anti-Black racism is leading to violence, trauma, protest, reflection, sorrow, and more. Momentum doesn’t look away when the news cycle shifts.

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Allison Gaines

Allison Gaines

Womanist Scholar ♥︎ bylines @ Zora, Level, Momentum, GEN, EICCultured, AfroSapiophile, CoFounder of #WEOC ☕️

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