How Long Will White Privilege Steal Our Peace?

America must like it this way. People on edge. People fighting. People starving. People dying. Otherwise, it would be different.

If America wanted peace, it would have peace. Trust.

I was always taught to learn the tree by observing the fruit. Some parts of America have strange fruit indeed. That fruit is represented by the people who stormed the Capitol and tried to defy democracy — as they tend to do every other day now and as they have done for hundreds of years. More than defy democracy, they are trying to redefine it to suit themselves now that the whole “melting pot” of America situation sits squarely in their face, per the anticipated census numbers.

Fear of an already Brown and Black planet is at the root here. And I mean that in every anecdotal, real-life, philosophical, psychological, and physical way possible. That fear is stealing our peace, but anti-racism work demands that we counter their points. It happened, it will happen again — and most likely again. But never forget that there are many forms of resistance, including joy. And peace. I like what says in the essay below. We can actually have peace if we really want it. We just have to intentionally build it and sustain it. While we’re at it, we also must weed out the bad plants and replace them with trees that bear sweeter fruit.

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Director, Multicultural @Medium. Focusing on ZORA, Momentum, Level and bolstering creators of color. All ideas welcome. And yes, I’ll still be writing.

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