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Photo: Roberto Schmidt/Getty Images

I’m tired.

At some point during this current, exhausting news cycle, you’ve probably said it. Or had it said to you. We’re tired of what’s happening across the country.

But let’s not confuse fatigue for defeat. Let’s acknowledge the severe toll oppression takes on our mental health, our energy, and our hope. Then? Let’s find a way to move forward.

While today’s protests against police brutality and the systemic racism that breeds it may seem new for some Americans, it’s not new for us. You can estimate someone’s age by asking them which Black people were lynched in their lifetime. Today’s kids will say George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. Our generation can say the Rodney King police beating and community uprising of ’92. Others will say Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice, and Mike Brown. Our grandparents will say Emmett Till.

Collectively, Momentum, Medium’s blog unpacking anti-Blackness, aims to amplify the voices dedicated to dismantling racism in all of its facets. Every system — from police brutality and anti-Black vigilantism to redlining and colorism — needs to be eradicated, full stop. How do we truly move forward? We confront the problem, examine the systems that form this oppressive society, and use our energy…