Your Anti-Racism Gift Guide

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7 min readNov 30, 2020


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Holiday gifting is already difficult — and when you factor in exploitative labor practices, racism, and the potential for cultural missteps, it’s damn near paralyzing. How can you align your spending with your values? Have no fear, your Momentum Editors are here. Below, you’ll find a handful (or two) of unique gift ideas that actually support Black people and other people of color: They’re all sold by, made by, or shipped by Black people. There’s something here for everyone, from the woke writers and energy workers in your life to the folks who don’t broadcast their fight against anti-Black racism but work quietly to change things for the better.

Not everyone participates in holiday gifting, but for those who do? Here are some options. Joy is an act of resistance — and after the year we’ve had so far, conscious giving is the perfect chance to embrace any little bit of good that we can find. — Momentum Editors

For the woke writer in your life

Fucking Brilliant Pencils

Sold by Chicago’s Belle Up Boutique, these pencils remind you daily that you are awesome. NSFC, obvi, because cuss words. We recommend journaling or writing your novel with these pieces. — Momentum Editors

The Vibe Planner

Every battle needs a plan, and this Black-woman-owned company provides the right stationery — featuring Brown-skinned imagery — for whatever you need to schedule next. — Adrienne Samuels Gibbs, Editor, Momentum and ZORA

Be Rooted stationery

This Protect Your Energy Journal set is designed to help you keep it cute yet keep it real. Perfect for the person interested in protecting their peace. — Tracey Ford, Director of Publisher Growth and Editor, Momentum

Destroy White Supremacy tote bags and