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Philadelphia Is Fed Up

Walter Wallace Jr.’s death points to Philadelphia’s long history of police violence

Demonstrators gather in protest near the location where Walter Wallace, Jr. was killed by two police officers on October 27, 2020 in Philadelphia, PA. Photo: Mark Makela/Getty Images

When a Black person is killed by the police, Black people are often trapped in the present moment. The whole of our reality becomes boots on the ground in protest and unbridled anger. From leaders, there are often empty promises and dog whistles. From protesters, there are demands for…

Momentum is a blog that captures and reflects the moment we find ourselves in, one where rampant anti-Black racism is leading to violence, trauma, protest, reflection, sorrow, and more. Momentum doesn’t look away when the news cycle shifts.

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Char Adams

Char Adams

Char Adams is the digital editor of SUM research at The Graduate Center, CUNY. She is a former reporter for PEOPLE Magazine. She is on Twitter: @CiCiAdams_

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