Racist Runes, Bogus Award Shows, and Anti-Black Laws Make This Week’s List of Biased Bigotry

There’s so many headlines it’s hard to keep up. Momentum can help.

Sen. Kelly Loeffler arrives for the Electoral College vote certification on January 6, 2021 in Washington, D.C. Photo: Kevin Dietsch/Pool/Getty Images

From crypto-fascist runes to the unbearable Whiteness of Golden Globe judges, here’s a roundup of just some of the racist fuckery going on this week:

  1. Racist Runeology The main stage at CPAC (the Conservative Political Action Conference) was getting some serious side-eye this week when someone noticed it was shaped like a rune used by German SS forces during World War II and more recently appropriated by neo-Nazis. But the events company that designed the stage says it had no idea the shape had any association with Nazism or far-right groups.
  2. Deuces. More than a month after being bounced out of her Senate seat by Rev. Raphael Warnock, Kelly Loeffler is no longer a co-owner of the WNBA’s Atlanta Dream. The hyper-conservative, pro-Trump Loeffler repeatedly clashed with the team, the players’ union, and the league over her opposition to the Black Lives Matter movement. The Dream is now owned by a team of three investors, including former player Renee Montgomery, who left the team to focus on social justice issues.
  3. Protect the Popo. The Oklahoma state legislature is closer to passing a bill that would criminalize posting “a photograph or any other realistic likeness” of a law enforcement officer online if the intent is “to threaten, intimidate, harass or stalk” them. Civil liberties advocates, including the ACLU of Oklahoma, argue that the statute could be used to prosecute people who are trying to bring incidents of police brutality or abuse to light.
  4. Is Amazon still prime? According to former diversity managers and internal data obtained by Recode at Vox, Amazon’s efforts to attract and retain Black talent are, well, less than prime. Black employees were evaluated more harshly and were less likely to be promoted than white peers, the article said, and those interviewed said they had to face a deluge of racist microaggressions.
  5. Wanted: Black Journalists? The fact that the organization handing out the Golden Globes is completely devoid of any Black members was a hot topic of discussion recently, especially after the critically renowned “I May Destroy You” was snubbed as a nominee. But the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s former president and board chair acknowledged that they hadn’t had a Black member in AT LEAST TWO DECADES. This article in Variety discusses some of the reasons why.
  6. Thirsty for no damn reason. Weeks after devastating winter storms, tens of thousands of Mississippians — including those in the predominantly Black capital, Jackson — still can’t drink the water coming out of their taps, if they’ve got any water coming out of them at all. The crisis there is only starting to get more media attention.
  7. The Bluest Eye? A query to Slate’s “Care and Feeding” advice column asks whether a white woman should take her Black partner’s expressed desire for White, blue-eyed, blonde-haired children as an automatic red flag. Our answer is: YES, RUN. But it’s worth clicking through to read the very important question columnist Jamilah Lemieux says she should ask him.
  8. Why people. Why? Black History Month might have officially concluded, but ham-handed racism is year-round. A middle school class in Mississippi was asked to kick off March by imagining themselves as slaves and writing “a letter back to your family in Africa.” The assignment suggested students include information about “how you pass your time when you aren’t working.”
  9. Zip Codes Mean Nothing Until They Mean Something… Officials in Dallas County, Texas tried to ensure that Black residents weren’t getting shut out of vaccine appointments by prioritizing zip codes where the most vulnerable lived. The state said no way. Now community leaders are trying to do their best to get Black folks in South Dallas registered for the vaccine, even if they don’t have internet access or don’t know who to call.

Are you pissed? Good. Run tell dat, write a letter, donate some funds, or get activated in order to help the people closest to you. Agitate until something happens.

If reading about all this racial fuckery already has you wanting to peace out and start this weekend’s Netflix/Hulu/HBO Max binge, why not eat your feelings and stick it to White supremacy at the same time, and order your takeout from a Black-owned eatery? Charleston, South Carolina chef KJ Kearney wants you to do just that with his Black Food Fridays project.

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Stephanie Siek is a writer and editor who loves cats, cookie dough and aborted alliteration.

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