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Swimming While Black Is Still a Revolutionary Act

Black people need equal access to America’s pools and waterways

Photo: Peter Idowu/Unsplash

My first summer job as a lifeguard made me a lover of all things summer. The sun seemed to kiss me, turning my skin dark brown. Each afternoon, I sat near the pool, watching kids splash about in the water. However, my favorite part of the day was in the mornings, when I…




Momentum is a blog that captures and reflects the moment we find ourselves in, one where rampant anti-Black racism is leading to violence, trauma, protest, reflection, sorrow, and more. Momentum doesn’t look away when the news cycle shifts.

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Allison Gaines

Allison Gaines

Womanist Scholar ♥︎ bylines @ Zora, Level, Momentum, GEN, EICCultured, AfroSapiophile, CoFounder of #WEOC ☕️

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