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A blog from Medium about the fight against anti-Black racism.

Dismantling the Myth

A message to my people

America’s 2020 racial reckoning unpacked our destructive history with a more clear eye view. In these contemporary times and at the expense of our bodies, we were painfully reminded of the constant attack on Black and that racism was only playing dead. One pandemic undoubtedly brought on the realization of…

The time is now. Your children are watching.

A little over a year ago, we collectively witnessed the murder of George Floyd, which ignited America’s racial reckoning across the globe. The stain of the summer of 2020 reverberates with the continued presence of two justice systems in America: one for White people and one for Black people. This…

It’s the only way we can get to a world without racism

As a Black woman, I write about how it feels to be a victim of racism.

I suspect that some of my white readers are a little voyeuristic and enjoy reading about the painful situations I encounter. They get to walk in my shoes for four minutes and can return…

A $25,000 housing grant is a good step but doesn’t right the wrong of slavery and economic injustice

Evanston, Illinois, approved to use a small portion of its cannabis taxes for an equity initiative to address housing inequities from redlining. The city calls it reparations. While this is a good step in the right direction and a great model to study, this isn’t reparations.

According to a Black…

You might think it’s helping — it’s not

“Watching these “allies” blunder their way around the anti-racism landscape feels like watching a toddler trying to perform open-heart surgery. The stakes are too high. The mistakes are too costly.”…

Be more like Albert

Albert Einstein was born in Germany on March 14, 1879, the same year tens of thousands of Black American refugees engaged in a mass flight from slave states along the Mississippi River to the hopefully better pastures of Kansas, Colorado, and Oklahoma. …

On June 1, Washington, D.C. police arrested more than 300 Black Lives Matter protesters during marches against police brutality.

Last Wednesday, when Trump supporters overran the Capitol with zip-cuffs and the intent to kill members of Congress, only 61 were arrested, and on less serious charges, according to a CNN…

America must like it this way. People on edge. People fighting. People starving. People dying. Otherwise, it would be different.

If America wanted peace, it would have peace. Trust.

I was always taught to learn the tree by observing the fruit. Some parts of America have strange fruit indeed. That…

‘Historically, I can’t think of any industry that has benefited more off of Black culture than music’

Add to Harry Styles’ list of accomplishments—including being the Variety Hitmaker of the Year, having three hit singles in 2020, and being extremely good at fashion—work as a social justice ally.

The musician and erstwhile One Direction-er told Variety that this summer’s protests and uprisings in support of Black Lives…

A dialogue on language for a more inclusive society

I grew up in Seattle — on traditional Coast Salish land — in the ’60s and ’70s. As a child, I didn’t truly understand the counterculture protests and the civil rights movement. Still, I saw that music, fashion, and hairstyles were changing — and with them, attitudes.

I was —…


A blog from Medium about the fight against anti-Black racism.

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