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Phthalates are a neurotoxin that can be found in many household, personal care, and beauty products

A group of public health and environmental researchers are calling for an immediate ban on a group of chemical compounds known to harm women and children — and especially women and children of color.

In a paper published in the American Journal of Public Health in February, the group, comprised of researchers from University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Harvard University, Columbia University, and other institutions, called for a complete ban of ortho-phthalates in consumer products.

Phthalates, as the group is often abbreviated, are ubiquitous in our everyday lives. They are used in everything from agricultural equipment to medical supplies…

The state portrays itself as a leader in climate action but is still a top U.S. oil producer. And it’s not good for Black Californians.

Aerial view of pits containing production water from oil wells near Hwy. 33 and Lokern Road on February 25, 2015 in Kern County, CA. Photo: Brian van der Brug/Los Angeles Times/Getty Images

Earlier this month, the Planning Commission of Kern County, California, recommended that the county’s board of supervisors approve the fast-tracking of over 67,000 new oil and gas wells. Kern County already has more than 35,000 active oil and gas wells, some of which have leaked oil into the Kern River’s watershed, and living near them has been impacting the health of the county’s residents.

Kern County is predominantly Latinx, and its median household income is nearly 30% less than the state as a whole, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. There aren’t many Black folx in Kern, who make up…

People in the southwestern United States have endured unbearable heat this year, but their struggle is not evenly distributed. Homeless people face unique risks from the weather without access to shelter, air conditioning, or cold water. In cities like Los Angeles, a majority of them are Black or Latinx.

As Drew Costley writes in OneZero, only six cooling centers opened in L.A. during a heatwave earlier this month, leaving dangerously few options for the city’s 66,000 homeless residents. …

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