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A blog from Medium about the fight against anti-Black racism.


My parents turned the racism around us into a game to help us cope

“Holiday Inn — Vincennes, Indiana.” Image: Jordan Smith/Flickr

The idea of “freedom” continues to be misleading for Black people in America

Photo by Unseen Histories from Unsplash

Black people need equal access to America’s pools and waterways

Photo: Peter Idowu/Unsplash

Instagram-ready: An installation reading “Free 1865” is surrounded by red, black, and green balloons at a Birmingham, Alabama, Juneteenth celebration. All images in this post taken by Joi West for Momentum at Medium.

File This Under: Black Joy

‘We unabashedly celebrate our Black joy as a form of resistance’


In 1917, 156 soldiers of the all-Black 3rd Battalion, 24th Infantry Regiment rose against the brutal treatment of Black people by Houston police

Houston Press front page, August 24, 1917. Image: Houston Public Library

Black self-defense is yet another freedom Black people must fight for. This means guns.

Me sitting down in my home, peacefully, holding my assault rifle, the P-415, equipped with bipod, 30-round magazine, and reflex sights. Photo: Johnny Silvercloud

The ‘Underground’ director tells Momentum how his Amazon Prime series tells a different slavery story.

Barry Jenkins on set in a cotton field for his new Amazon Prime series. Jenkins talks to Momentum exclusively. Image: Courtesy Amazon Prime.


Gaps in civil rights protections allow injustices to persist

Mona Hardin, left, mother of Ronald Greene, hugs LaChay Batts, sister of Marvin Scott III, who died in custody in a Collin County, Texas, jail. Photo: Gerald Herbert/The Associated Press via CBC

Worth The Watch

What better way to celebrate Black Birder Week than with a nature stroll and a film about a Black man who loves hawks?


Denying tenure, jobs, and salary to Black people is just how America rolls

Nikole Hannah-Jones speaks at the 2021 Morehouse College commencement ceremony. Image: Getty


A blog from Medium about the fight against anti-Black racism.

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