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A blog from Medium about the fight against anti-Black racism.


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Racial injustice isn’t mostly about subconscious impulses — the problem is structural and requires a systemic response

Several years ago, when research about implicit bias — also known as unconscious bias — started to enter discussions about racism and how to undo it, I remember thinking three things.

First, the research demonstrated an obvious truth: people internalize biases picked up from society.

Second, the instrument chosen to…


As long as they "don't know," they will never be held accountable

Photo by Dmitry Vechorko on Unsplash

Since the racial reckoning began, Black folks have compiled numerous resources to "teach" White people about racism, why it's harmful, and what they can do to fight against injustices. But, like many Black people, I'm having trouble believing that White people don't know all of this already.

Also, isn't it…

My birth certificate lists my race as White, but I’m not.

Technically there are no White people who look the color White. There are no Black people either who look the color Black.

But there is a story of Black and White people. One of the greatest stories ever told. A story originating in Europe. Brought over to the land we…

It turns out I wasn’t nearly as woke as I thought

Photo: Daria Nepriakhina/Unsplash

When I was single and new to Toronto, my main activities consisted of swiping on dating apps and complaining about how frustrated I was with dating apps.

I went through the familiar cycle of obsessing over photos, bios, matches, and openers, then getting frustrated and deleting every dating app on…

It’s the only way we can get to a world without racism

Photo: Chris Parmiter/Unsplash

As a Black woman, I write about how it feels to be a victim of racism.

I suspect that some of my white readers are a little voyeuristic and enjoy reading about the painful situations I encounter. They get to walk in my shoes for four minutes and can return…

Some people hide their racism, but no matter how long they try to repress it, it eventually comes out

Photo: Chester Wade via Unsplash

My husband and I have been together for 27 years. He is white, and I am Black. When we met, we were surprised to learn that many of our friends were racist. At first, we tried to change their views but soon realized that was an impossible task.

We made…

The idea of “freedom” continues to be misleading for Black people in America

Photo by Unseen Histories from Unsplash

If the events of the previous year have proven anything to me, as a Black person in America, it is that “freedom” has yet to become a term that we can all, as Americans, embrace equally.

While the American government, corporations, and mainstream media would like to put up this…

‘We hadn’t had a message specifically preached on racism until after the protests and killings repeated in 2020.’

Photo by John Price on Unsplash

By Sierra Lyons, recent graduate of Florida A&M University

This year has brought many changes, including graduating from college. I’ve been focusing on transitioning to my career full-time and daydreaming about where…

Let’s Unpack This

In small corners of America, Black people are still in chains

In 2020, Janelle Monae starred in the horror film Antebellum playing a Black woman who was kidnapped by White people, smuggled into a Confederate camp, and forced to live as a slave. …


Gaps in civil rights protections allow injustices to persist

Mona Hardin, left, mother of Ronald Greene, hugs LaChay Batts, sister of Marvin Scott III, who died in custody in a Collin County, Texas, jail. Photo: Gerald Herbert/The Associated Press via CBC

Editor’s note: This story contains references to a killing and video that many might find disturbing.

Two years ago, 49-year old Ronald Greene died in police custody in Monroe, Louisiana. The medical examiner has not yet provided an official cause of death. Since then, Greene’s family, their lawyers, and local…


A blog from Medium about the fight against anti-Black racism.

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