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A blog from Medium about the fight against anti-Black racism.


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Little children play with hula hoops during a Juneteenth celebration in Durham, N.C. It’s a scene repeated city after city and state after state as even more people begin to celebrate the nation’s newest, federally-recognized holiday. Photo: Cornell Watson for Momentum

Momentum traveled to Detroit, Durham and Birmingham to document the holiday commemorating the slow end of slavery.

Willa was clapping along to the beat on her mommy’s shoulders while the drumline played a cadence. All images taken by Cornell Watson for Momentum at Medium.

File This Under: Black Joy

‘Juneteenth was a reminder that we are free from slavery but not from legalized discrimination’

Taylor Hall takes a moment to rest on top of picnic blankets and a red, black, and green stars-and-stripes flag while watching clouds in Stockton Park in Detroit on Juneteenth 2021. I took this photo because it feels like not enough images are made of Black women relaxing and just being. She looked so content and relaxed that I had to snap a photo. All images in this post taken by Val Waller for Momentum at Medium.

Close friends and a cookout commemorate a historic…

Let’s Unpack This

On the one-year anniversary of Floyd’s death, has policing changed in any meaningful way?

Three brown-skinned people wear t-shirts bearing the images of Black people slain for no good reason yet blamed for their own deaths by White supremacists. Illustration by Lindsay Bailey

“My emotional fortitude requires managing traumatic news to ensure I can write a weekly column about America failing Black…

Let’s Unpack This

A lack of generational wealth makes it harder to catch up

Black millennials are playing catch-up when it comes to wealth. Photo: Getty Images

File This Under Racism

That and more this week in race and racism

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A blog from Medium about the fight against anti-Black racism.

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