10 Signs Of The Least Racist Person In The Room

Photo: Xinhua News Agency/Getty Images
  1. Have you ever avoided using the words “Black people” because saying the words makes you super uncomfy and instead you use words like “they” or “them” or “super predators”?
  2. Have you ever been asked about environmental racism and your response is that the people drinking leaded water and dealing with various forms of cancer are “rich” or “making a lot of money”?
  3. Do you think Abraham Lincoln was the savior of Black people everywhere, for all time?
  4. Do you believe that the 401(k)s of Black people in America are “through the roof”?
  5. Do you think that Black people in America have the same amount of money in a 401(k) as White people do? Wait. Skip this question if you’ve never contemplated the impact of slavery and Jim Crow on generational wealth and retirement savings.
  6. Have you ever used the word “thug” to describe non-White people?
  7. Have you ever told your one Black coworker that he is “one of the good ones”?
  8. Have you ever told your Black neighbor that they aren’t like the others?
  9. Have you ever described yourself as the least racist person in the room?

Director, Multicultural @Medium. Focusing on ZORA, Momentum, Level and bolstering creators of color. All ideas welcome. And yes, I’ll still be writing.

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