This Museum Is Fighting the Erasure of Black Music History

The National Museum of African American Music sets the music record straight when it comes to U.S. history

Photo: NMAAM/353 Media Group
Photo: NMAAM/353 Media Group

‘River of Rhythm Pathways’: An evolution of Black music experience

Photo courtesy of the author

‘Wade in the Water’: A religious music experience

“These things are not taught unless you become a specialist or go to grad school for music. It’s been very gratifying with Black people coming through saying, ‘I didn’t know any of this. This is brand new to me.’”

‘Crossroads’: A Great Migration and blues experience

Photos courtesy of the author

‘A Love Supreme’: A Harlem Renaissance and jazz experience

‘One Nation Under a Groove’: A civil rights movement and R&B experience

‘The Message’: The urban renewal and hip-hop experience

Photo courtesy of the author

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